Trimming a Colorado Blue Spruce

“can you trim a blue spruse? tree is very very large. about 30 years old
Rodger E”
You can trim the lower branches without damaging the health of the tree, but you will alter the look of the tree.When you trim back the ends of the branches, they change their growing characteristics and you will start to end up with a hedge type appearance rather than the flowing appearance you get now. Picture a sheared Christmas tree.

If you don’t mind this, then you can shear the branches, pretty much any time of year, winter is better. Just make sure there are still needles and green twigs showing or else the branch will die.

A better practice is to cut off individual branches or twigs. If you have to remove the entire limb, cut it off close to the trunk, leaving the slight swelling (branch collar). This would be about 1/2″.

More information about the blue spruce can be read here:…

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