Tomatoes Resistant to Late Blight

“Dear Horticulturist,

I was wondering if there are any tomatoes resistant to late blight . also bacterial speck? Thanks, R.”


Hi R.,

The varieties that I recommend that are most resistant to Phytophthora infestans are Santa, Juliet, and Legend.

One thing to keep in mind with P. infestans resistance (and others too): these plants can still contract the disease.  It is just that they will resist it longer than susceptible varieties.  In a ‘normal’ year, you will have no problems.  However, in an odd year like this one, you may see problems later on with the resistant varieties.  The good thing with this is that if your Juliet or Legend is getting sick, you know that you are the only one on the block left with tomatoes.  😉

EDITOR NOTE, 1/25/11:  Since this entry was written, two new varieties have come on the market that are resistant to late blight.  Read about Ferline F1 Hybrid here and Lizzano F1 Hybrid Cherry Tomato here.


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