New from HPS: Pear Goliath Hybrid VFF Tomato

For those of you that really like to garden, I recommend the HPS  catalog.  HPS stands for Horticultural Product and Services.  Whether you are a small commercial grower or a home gardener, the HPS catalog is one-stop source for premium products at discounted prices.  They offer a wide selection of vegetables and one of the best selections of flowers in the USA.  As their catalog says, “Value is more important than ever these days…”

The other great thing about HPS is that their 2010 catalog is already out!  I like to look upon it as that one present you get to open before Christmas!

Anyway, back to today’s featured variety: Pear Goliath Hybrid VFF Tomato.

(Image courtesy of

“90 days.  Large, blocky fruits weigh in at an impressive 5 to 8 oz. — the largest saladette we’ve seen yet!  Firm, meaty, and 3 to 4″ in length with good flavor.  Great when sliced for hamburgers, diced for salsa, cooking and roasting.  High yielding, bushy plant habit.  Disease resistant.  Determinate.”

Before the devastation of what will now be referred to as the ‘2009 Late Blight Infestation to End All Infestions’ , my Pear Goliaths were looking (and tasting) great!  I had only two tomatoes from these before everything was wiped out, but they were spectacular! Mine were used to make BLTs.  In the past, I have had problems with tomatoes that are a bit juicier and get the bread soggy.  The Pear Goliaths held up well — no sogginess, but still juicy enough to be just right for the sandwich.  My hope was to make some salsa out of these too, but unfortunately that never came to be.

In addition to HPS, Pear Goliath is also available from Totally Tomatoes (introduced in 2009).  It can be found at:{BAC78099-9F04-4B95-8732-F620314A2358}



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