New from Vermont Bean Seed Company: Molly Dwarf Bush Bean

If you like beans — snap, wax, lima, dry, and everything between — then I highly recommend the Vermont Bean Seed Catalog.   While the company obviously sells lots of beans, their catalog also includes a mix of unique vegetables, vegetable plants, fruits, flowers, and supplies to enhance your gardening experience.

*Photo courtesy of K. Pfaff, horticulturist, Vermont Bean Seed Company.

Each year VBS has a couple of varieties that they highlight as a variety of the year.  This year, the new bean variety of the year is Molly, a dwarf bush snap bean.  As their catalog reads:

“Molly, 54 days.  A dwarf bean that is best suited for home gardens.  A very upright bush that has dark green pods that gives a great yield over a long period of time when picked regularly.  It also has a good disease package that includes bean mosaic virus.”

I can personally vouch for this one — I tried it in my garden this past summer and all I can say is FANTASTIC!!!  The plants were only about 15-18 inches tall, but the yields were incredible.  The pods held up well in the crazy weather we had this summer and even when stressed did not start to form a bean inside.  As other varieties in my garden started to wane and have brown leaves on top from a potential blight or rust, the Molly beans stayed healthy looking and kept producing.  I had very nice yield right up until our frost in early October.  As for canning and freezing, I did both and they held up very well and tasted great.

For those that like to do container, windowbox, or raised bed gardening, this variety would be a perfect choice!

Molly can be found here:{0AD94530-9A0F-417A-8828-1D3D562916C2}


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