Erysimum Temperature Limits

“Do you know what the tempeature limits are for Erysimum ‘Citrona Orange’? Thanks, J.”


The ‘Citrona’ Series of Erysimum (Erysimum allionii) are a wonderful addition to your flower garden.  Unlike some Erysimum, these varieties do not require vernalization and can be grown in tandem with pansies in cooler temperatures.

Erysimum performs well when grown under cooler temperatures — more like pansies — and can also be a good Autumn companion for pansies.  After transplant, the crop can be grown under greenhouse conditions (65-70 degrees F/18-21 degrees C during the day and 55-6- degrees F/13-16 degrees C at night) for approximately 2 weeks until the plugs start rooting out and are well established.  After this, they can be grown outside under cold frame-type conditions to flower or finish.  The optimal outside growing temperatures can be 65-75 degrees F (19-29 C) days and 40-55 degrees F (5 -13 C) nights.

One interesting thing to note:  The Citrona Orange does flower earlier than the Citrona Yellow (11-12 weeks for Orange, 13 for Yellow).


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