Sizing Up Your Juice Tomatoes

“I want to grow tomatoes for heavy yield to make tomato juice. I don’t know if you get more total production from 1 4 pounder or 4 1 pounders. Also we live in Eastern Tenn at 2000 ft. elevation so it is not real good tomato weather so this should enter into the equasion. Don’t know too much about gardening have only been doing it for 70 years but the longer you are at it you are still learning. J.”


Thank you for the email regarding your tomatoes.  If it were me, I would go with the 4 – 1 lb. option.  That way, if something should be off with the year and your tomatoes don’t have the greatest production, you will still have a plant that is covered with a decent crop of tomatoes.  If you had one that produced only a few really large fruits, but the year made them small, you wouldn’t have very much.

Also, I grow a few different varieties of tomato for my juice.  It seems to have more flavor than if I use just one.


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