Blueberries for Michigan

“Hello, I live in MI (zone 5). I am going to put in about a dozen high bush blueberries. I would like an equal number of early, midseason, and late berries. I will use them for eating/freezing/preserves. I would like heavier bearers with good flavor. What varieties would you recommend for each? Thanks, M.”


Thank you for your email regarding our blueberry varieties. The ones I recommend are:


–Dwarf Northblue: low to moderate yield with medium berries. They are dark blue in color with a medium sized blossom end scar, have medium firmness, and have a fair to acidy flavor.


–Blueray: This one is going to have a moderate to high yield with large berries. They are medium blue in color with a medium sized blossom end scar, are firm, and have good flavor.

–Patriot: an early midseason variety with high yield. The berries are large, medium blue, have a small blossom end scar, are firm and have an excellent flavor. This is one of the varieties my parents have and I can vouch that the jams, muffins, and pies from it are de-lish!


–Rubel: The other variety approved by my family and it reminds me of the wild blueberries I used to pick in my Grandpa’s woods as a kid. Moderate to high yield, but the berries are small (although worth the effort). They are medium blue in color, have a medium sized blossom scar, are firm, and have that wild, good flavor.

Not Recommended:
–Chandler: If you have it protected, you could get away with having it. However, because it produces such large berries, it needs a little bit more pampering than most varieties with the cold. The fruits would be perfect for your uses, but it will require a protected area with southern exposure.
–Top Hat: For borders and containers. The blueberries are very tasty, but about the size of peas. If you want a berry to have for a few for your breakfast cereal, than it would be perfect.
–Northcountry: similar to Top Hat in yield. More for your gardener that wants edible landscaping.
–Dwarf Northsky: they have wonderful berries, but only about 2 lb. per plant when mature. If you want something up around your house for looks and a little more, then choose this one. Otherwise, there are better options.



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