June-Bearing Raspberry Selection

I was wondering which red raspberry would be good for early harvesting in spring or early summer? I already have some red’s that come in in august and september.  I am looking for berries that will start early and keep coming until the fall crop starts.  any ideas?” ~F.”


The variety that I would definitely recommend is the Prelude Red Raspberry.  These berries are ready in mid-late June (about 10-15 days earlier than other summer-bearing varieties).  They are very sweet and easy to pick and does well for any kind of preserves or baking.  They also have a fall crop, but it is very small as most of the energy is given by the plants to the summer crop.

I would also recommend Latham.  It is not as early as Prelude, but is outstanding in the flavor for culinary uses.

No matter which you pick, or if you select Nova or Boyne instead, all will provide you with a nice crop of summer fruits.  I hope this information helps you out.



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