Diamant Hybrid Cucumber Growth Habit

“What is the preferred method of growing diamant cucumber, on a trellis or allowed to crawl on the ground? ~L.”


For this particular variety, they work best laying on the ground as they are more of a space-saving, short runner variety.  If trellising is the only option available to you in your garden, they can be tied up to a short trellis that would normally be used for peas.


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2 thoughts on “Diamant Hybrid Cucumber Growth Habit

  1. i need to know a little more information on the cucumber (size, maturity,,etc), i was interested in a good seed but also if it came with about 1000 or more seeds. please get back at me as soon as possible,thank you.

    • Diamont Cucumbers are about 1 by 4 inches when picked at the ‘normal’ pickling stage. They have a relatively early maturity date compared to other varieties. The company that would be the best to go through for 1000 seeds or more would be J.W. Jung Seed in Randolph, Wisconsin. I think the largest size they have for a packet is 500 seeds, so you would need to order 2 packets or maybe they would do a special order with a bulk discount for more than 1000 seeds.

      One thing that is a little deceptive is that they are a bit spiny, even though they are marketed as spineless. The reason why is because they are a European variety (bred in Germany). The Germans use them at a very large size, at which time the spines have fallen off. However, Americans use them at a smaller size, in which they are still spiny. The good news is that the spines do wash off very easily — much more easily than other cucumber varieties. I just wanted to let you know that so it would not surprise you later on.

      Based on growing them last year and this year in my garden, I would have to say that they are one of my top pickling cucumber picks.

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