Vines for Shade

“I am looking for a flowering vine or climbing rose (5-8ft) to put on the north side of my house (street side).  Even in June the sun only comes to the edge of the bed.  There are evergreen bushes on each end and hostas in the middle.  I am looking for something that will brighten up the space.  Thank you for your time and effort. I will be waiting to hear from you. ~S.”


The ones I recommend are:

–Trumpet Vines (Campsis radicans):  This vine could also be known as the hummingbird vine because of its features. The flowers for this vine are a bright orange or red hue which hummingbirds are very attracted to. Furthermore, the trumpet shape of the flower is a perfect fit for the hummingbird’s long and slender beak.

Trumpet vines are great for walls, trellis, old structures on your property, and fences. They are aggressive and fast growing and can reach heights of 25-40 feet. This vine will bloom for several months in the summer.

–Clematis Vines:  There are over 250 different varieties of this flowering vine. They are generally very hardy and perennial in nature lasting up to 20 + years in the right conditions. With so many varieties you have various shapes and sizes of both leaves and flowers.

Some clematis vines have flowers shaped like bells, others have random clusters of small white flowers, and some have flat broad blooms. This vine can grow to be anywhere from 12-30 feet depending on the variety. They grow best in partial shade but in the north they’ll handle direct sun.

–Climbing Hydrangea Vine:  This vine does well in any kind of condition (sun to shade).  It’s hardiness zones are approximately zones 4-10 so it is pretty adaptable. This vine does get tall so you have to control it if using on a trellis or arbor.

Roses are not going to be a really good choice as they require full sun for their growth habit and to control various diseases.



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One thought on “Vines for Shade

  1. Hello

    I am looking for a vine that will do two things for me. I am going to raise honeybees. So I am looking for a vine that will produce plenty of flower for pollen and necture. The second thing is to provide shade. I plan on building a structure that the vine can climb on and provide overhead shade. I live in eastern North Carolina, Jacjsonville.

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