Taming your Tall and Lanky Roses

“Dear Horticulturist, I purchased a Just Joey and a Gift of Life roses from Edmund’s Roses in 2008.  They have beautiful buds and roses but they are tall and lanky.  I have been using Algoflash 5-5-7 and Fungi Fighter.  Do you have any ideas as to what I can do to tame my roses?  Thanks, ~J.”


Hi J., Thanks for your question.

First of all, what climate do you live in?  If you are in a warm, temperate climate (Southern U.S. or West Coast U.S.), it is advisable to use a summer pruning program.  If you are living in a Northern U.S. state where you get cold winters, this is NOT recommended.

Summer pruning is used when a rose is growing in an environment where it has a ‘longer’ than ‘normal’ growing season.  The rose will grow just fine out of it’s ‘normal’ environment, but will love the change so much that it will become a bit larger than the given specifications.  To combat this, you need to prune it a bit so that it does not exert too much energy and possibly become stressed when the summer heads into August (which is usually hotter, drier, and more stressful to a rose).

Summer pruning isn’t anything too detailed.  When you are doing your normal deadheading after the first flush of blooms, cut off a little bit more of the stem.  If you are doing this to a shrub rose, trim it to a more compact, even shape.



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