Ode to the Garden: Varieties Soon to Be Gone from Catalogs

Before we know it, Halloween will be past and Christmas will be fast approaching.  With the holiday season comes the celebration of the birth of Christ… and in a distant second place, seed catalogs in the mail.

However, as with every gardening year, there are always a favorite or two that seem to have disappeared.  Sometimes they are replaced by the ‘improved’ version of the plant/variety, and sometimes they are just gone.

Although I am sad to have to break the news, here are some varieties that you will not be seeing in your future catalogs.  While some may still be available for 2011 because seed companies have remaining stock, the majority of them are a distant memory.

(This information is from seed vendor websites.  Availability from home garden seed companies may vary.)

–Polka Sweet Corn

–Tam Jalapeno Pepper

–Table Ace Hybrid Squash (According to the Gardener’s Forum, the breeder of this variety is replacing it with an improved version by the name Taybelle.)

–Butterstick  Summer Squash

–Sweet n Early Melon Hybrid

–Heinz 1439 Tomato

–Supersteak Tomato

–Giant Marconi Pepper

–Super Heavyweight Pepper

–Jupiter Pepper

–Mandarin Pepper

–Giant Valentine Tomato

–Pink Girl  Tomato

–Valentine Raddichio

–Baby Bubba Okra

–heartland Tomato

–Spacemeiser Zucchini

–Small Fry Tomato

–San Marzano Tomato

–Boris Pepper

–Bubbles Brussel Sprouts

–Ichiban Eggplant

–Little Darling Snapdragon

–Sun King Tomato

–Sunmaster Tomato

–Peto Wonder Pepper

–Hawaii Mix Ageratum

–Jamacian Mist Snapdragon

–Hasta La Pasta Squash

–Big Bite Tomato

–Classica Tomato

–Golden Bell Pepper

–Pot Luck Cucumber

–Cherry Blossom Toamto

–Silver Princess Corn

–Unidor Bean

–Super Suncherry

–Golden Summer Pepper

–Jewel Box Mix Celosia

–Showoff Cabbage

–Red Burgermaster  Onion

–Italian Largo Squash

–Lobelia Blue Moon

–Vittoria Eggplant

–King of the North Pepper

–Golden Girl Tomato

–Ambercup Squash

–Melody Spinach

–Tendertreat Corn



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2 thoughts on “Ode to the Garden: Varieties Soon to Be Gone from Catalogs

    • You know, I think I do… somewhere. My husband and I recently moved and I have been going through the boxes trying to find all my seeds. I know I am missing at least one box of seeds and my peppers are in it. *Insert rant about having to buy pepper seeds for this year when I have always saved my own!* Give me a couple more weeks to unearth myself and I’ll let you know. In the meantime, Reimer Seeds has them. You can find them here: http://www.reimerseeds.com/Catalogs/785.pdf

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