Suckered by Dr. Huey: A Rose Rootstock Invasion

Hi Hort Girl,

I have a Sheer Bliss Hybrid Tea Rose.  It has bloomed beautifully for a few years but now there is a new growth right above the graft area.  It is very thorny and the flower is very small.  The rose looks like a wild rose.  My Sheer Bliss Rose is doing okay, but not as well as normal.  Why did it change?




Hi Lavinia,

Sounds like you have some problems with your hybrid rose rootstock!

First of all, the new thorny growth that is coming out of your rose is below the bud union of the graft, as its description is of a Dr. Huey rose.

(Like my artwork?)

‘Dr. Huey’ is a very hardy early large flowered climbing rose, with dark red, medium sized (2″ – 3″), semi-double (15 petals) flowers. The flower are a soft, velvety, crimson-maroon, with prominent golden anthers, and they are exquisitely beautiful.

‘Dr. Huey’ is commonly found at old home sites, because it has been used for years as a rootstock for Hybrid Tea roses. When the grafted rose dies, the Dr. Huey rootstock spouts and thrives. The primary bloom is in the spring.

Edit (1/2/11): The pruning information that was here has been replaced by a newer post.  Please click here to read more about pruning rose suckers.



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5 thoughts on “Suckered by Dr. Huey: A Rose Rootstock Invasion

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  3. Hey! This is my first comment here but not my last because i have questions so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading through this article because Dr Huey is on of my favorite to use in grafting. Thanks a lot!

  4. Perfect ! Who knew that about roses. I am so glad I found your blog and look forward to more interesting posts like this! Frankie

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