Match Up: Is Isolation Required for Silver Queen and Kandy Korn Sweet Corns?

“I want a yellow corn to plant with white silver queen and Kandy Korn EH sounds like a good candidate. My question is if Kandy corn is an se or sh2 hybrid. If they would be a good match how would they’re growing times coordinate? Would the Kandy corn have to be planted later? I live in the very southern part of Texas, zone 9b, so these corns should grow okay, right. Down here sh2 corn gets too sweet, I suppose because of the heat. These corns both seem to have about the same ear size, plant size, and unique coloring. I want to plant these in hills, six seeds to the hill and maybe thin to three or four of best starts. The hills will be set up on four foot centers both in the row and between rows. Any help with this would sure be appreciated. Thanks, ~R.”


Thanks for contacting me.  Kandy Korn EH Yellow Hybrid Sweet Corn (Zea mays var. ‘Kandy Korn EH’) is a SE variety.  SE stands for Sugary Enhanced, and means that this hybrid sweet corn has a gene that increases the tenderness and sweetness of the kernel.  The  result is a sweet, creamy, and tender kernel that has a longer harvest and shelf period.  Varieties designated SE are hybrids that have SE and SU parents (horticultural term: heterozygous).  Sugary enhanced varieties do not require isolation from normal (SU) sweet corn.

Silver Queen White Sweet Corn is a normal (SU) variety and does not require isolation from any other sweet corn.  In other words, you have a very good pairing with the Kandy Korn and the Silver Queen White.



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2 thoughts on “Match Up: Is Isolation Required for Silver Queen and Kandy Korn Sweet Corns?

  1. I had planned on planting these together and try to create a
    bi-color corn. What do you think about the chances of that? Would they be compatable that way? Are they’re maturing times appropriate?

    • It is possible that it could work, assuming that you planted the corn varieties so that you had them tasseling at the same time. I would plant them every other row per variety so you would have a good canopy of tassels for pollen grain drop into the silks. The good thing is that you have an SU and an SE, so you will not have any problems with having starchy or deformed kernels (which would occur with SH or triplesweet varieties). Let me know how it turns out!

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