Black vs. Black Prince: Same thing or two different tomatoes?

“I would like to know the difference between Black and the BlackPrince tomato.  Some tomato sources are saying that “Black” is what somegardeners grew as “Black Prince” years ago. ~K.”


Thanks for the email regarding Black and Black Prince Tomatoes.  They are not the same thing.  Anyone that is telling you this is either doing a bit of false advertising or they are trying to mislead you into buying a cheaper to produce variety.

Black Tomato, photo courtesy of Totally Tomatoea, 2011

Black Tomato (80-85 days) is a Russian heirloom variety that is very early indeterminate.  The fruit color is a dark red that is considered black.  The skin is thin and the flesh is a shade lighter red than the skin, soft and flavorful.  Black is a tomato that can grow under some rather adverse conditions.

Black Prince Tomato, courtesy of Totally Tomatoes, 2011

Black Prince Tomato (70-90 days) is a Russian heirloom variety that is also indeterminate, but they do not express the extra growth as quickly (makes you think it might be a determinate at first, then continues to grow).  The fruits are round and have deep garnet colored skins with a hint of green on the shoulders.  The flesh is dark red to brown colored and is tender, juicy, and flavorful.  The fruit is quite a bit smaller than the Black Tomato (about 2 inches in diameter, whereas Black is about 3 inches in diameter).


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