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Need an answer to a horticultural question?  Post your questions here and see them in a future blog post!

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43 thoughts on “Post your questions here 1:

  1. I live in the city and am trying to cultivate a fern on my kitchen window sill. I’m pretty impressed that I’ve not managed to kill it just yet, exactly.. but it’s not really thriving either. Are there special needs for fern care?

  2. Dear Horticulturist,
    I’m wanting to grow tomatoes on my deck this year. Is there a less demanding variety of tomato (low light, and hearty) that you might recommend for a beginner?

  3. Is it possible for a normal plant to become poisonous? Like if I pore a lot of bad stuff on the ground, will the plants get bad?

  4. I am looking for a scented rose geranium. Some of the other names for it are “Attar of Roses Geranium” OR “Pelargonium Capitanum” OR “Pelargonium Graveolens”. The plants we have grown in the past never had any flowers on them. We used the flavoring from the leaves for baking an old recipe cake and for Turkish Delight. If you can help me or know where I might find some of these plants, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  5. Can paw paw trees survive in Wisconsin? Tell me all that you
    can. We are thinking about getting one for our yard.

  6. I have sap oozing out of my peach trees. Is this normal? If not, what should I do for my trees? They look fine and have lots of fruit that will be ready in a week or so.

    • Thanks for the question, Karen! One question before I answer, though. If you could, take a look at the sap for me. Does it have very fine pieces of sawdust mixed in it? Also, do you have any other stone fruits (cherries, plums, etc.)? If so, look at them and see if there is sap on them too. Please respond with the details and we will go from there.

    • I looked at the peach and they have sawdust on them. After you mentioned that it affected any stone fruit, I see that my cherries and plums are oozing too, but have no sawdust.

  7. i have heritage raspberies and i bought them because i want them to be ready after my blueberries so i don’t have so much canning to do at once. they are supposed to get ready in late august or early september. this year i doubled my patch and bought 10 new plants. they started to bloom when my old ones were just sitting there and now i am in my second week of picking raspberries and they are all getting ready now on the new ones but the old ones are just starting to bloom. why is this happening and what did i do wrong?

  8. Hey! My nonna has a couple fig trees, and I wanted to grow one of my own. Is there anyway I could do so using the ones she has?

  9. I would like to plant a trumpet vine in my yard. I have seen several vines on my walk to work and was wanting to know, if I cut a vine from the trumpet plant and put it in water will it root like some plants do?

  10. I need the name of a small growing tree ..about 10 ft tall?
    I have a small tree in the back yard that has flowers like a Rowan tree, with a leaf similar to Mock orange and bears WHITE berries clustered like that of a Mountain Ash, But I don’t know the name of it. Can anyone help me?. I’d post a photo but I can’t see how it’s done on something like this.

  11. I have a large vegetable garden – What would be the best mulch to use (if any)? Every year, the weeds get the best of me and I need something that works, without being expensive.

    • I use landscaping fabric (just the cheap stuff for a large area) between the rows (perhaps around the plants too!). It allows moisture through but not the weeds. Yes it may take a little longer putting in but compare that to the time it takes to weed it all.

      • The house we purchased has tons of landscape fabric…all of which is getting ripped out! To me, it is a lazy man’s way to cover up what he didn’t do — like get rid of the quack grass that was thriving beneath it and has now become thoroughly embedded in the fabric. Also, the amount of mold, mildew, and various crops pests in their larval form that we are finding as we rip it up… the ‘ease’ it provides is not worth the trouble it makes. As an organic gardener, going out and spraying the problems dead is not an option.

  12. I was wondering if gourmet popcorn mini roses would do well in a window box. I am looking at a window box that will fit pots or fibermat lining — the size of the box would be 9″x9″72″and I wanted to have small white roses cascading out of it. Please advise.

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  15. I’m wanting to get a rose bush similar to one we had at our previous house. It was what I called an “old-fashioned” rose bush with clusters of small, true red (not pink) flowers. Each rose was on a very tiny stem. It surrounded our mailbox and took very little maintenance.

    The nearest I could find in the catalogs was “Midwest Living” or “Wing-Ding.” I also wondered if the “Double Knock Out” might be similar.

    Do you have a suggestion for one that would be similar?


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  17. Dear Horticulture Talk,
    Your blog on “Vampires of the South Beware! How to Grow Garlic in the Deep South.” was very familiar. It was taken almost word for word from my Grey Duck Garlic website. As the author of Grey Duck Garlic’s Southern Garlic Grower’s Guide, I am flattered by the plagiarism but I would appreciate credit for my work. Thank you, Susan Fluegel

    • Thank you, Susan, for bringing your plagiarism to my attention. Thanks to you, I have now protected myself from preventing parasites like you from stealing my content. I have rewritten my original article; you see, those of us that have our own thoughts can do that. Copy my content again and I will seek legal action.

  18. I have a major problem with tomato “anthracnose” and I want to know which varieties are resistant – or- what I can do to clear it up. TY

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  20. I have WEAK sun here in Newport, Oregon. Any idea’s what I can grow here? Fragrant Cloud seems to work. Prefer Hybrid’s or Florabunda’s. Sunsprite? Thanks

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