Suckered Again by Dr. Huey!

“Dear Plant Doctor,

I have had my Rock n Roll Rose for a few years, but this past summer it started to have 2-in fuschia colored blooms.  They don’t look like the Rock n Roll at all.  What is wrong with my plant.



Dear Virginia,

Sounds like you have been hit by Dr. Huey, a.k.a your rootstock.  My guess is that your Rock & Roll Rose scion died back over the previous winter and your rootstock is now growing.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for the Rock & Roll Rose.  The only way to have it again is to purchase a new rose.  As for the Dr. Huey rootstock, if you do decide to keep it, it will grow and thrive where you have it.  You may need  to trellis it, as it is a climber.

For more details on why the Dr. Huey rose is going, please see my previous post here and here.




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