Introducing Pumpkin ‘Hijinks’ F1, AAS Vegetable Award Winner

(Posted with permission of All American Selections)

Today’s new AAS Introduction is the Hijinks F1 Hybrid Pumpkin.

‘Hijinks,’ defined as lively enjoyment and unrestrained fun is an apt name for this pumpkin winner that offers loads of seasonal fun for kids. This winning pumpkin variety produces small-sized, 6 to 7 pound fruits, of a very uniform size and shape. Smooth deep orange skin with distinctive grooves gives a very classy appearance to fall decorations and is ideal for painting or carving. The strong durable stem makes a great handle. Gardeners can expect high yields, notable resistance to powdery mildew, easy fruit removal from plants and excellent stem attachment. Allow plenty of space in the garden for long vines that spread up to 15 feet. Early to mature, this Cucurbita pepo is ready for harvest in about 100 days from sowing or 85 days from transplant. Bred by Sakata Seed America, Inc.

AAS® Winner Data
Genus species: Cucurbita pepo
Unique qualities: Uniform shape and size, easy harvest, excellent stem attachment
Fruit size: 5.6 inches long, 7.4 inch diameter; 6 to 7 lbs.
Fruit color: Deep orange
Plant type: Typical long vines
Plant height: 2 feet
Plant width: Up to 15 feet
Garden location: Full sun
Garden spacing: Allow 10 feet between rows of plants space plants 2 to 3 feet apart in row
Disease tolerances: Powdery mildew
Length of time to harvest: 100 days from sowing seed, 85 days from transplant
Closest comparisons on market: ‘Orange Smoothie’ and ‘Hybrid Pam’


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