Plan Your Perfect Garden: Online Garden Layout Software

For many years, gardeners everywhere laid their garden out on paper.  Depending on the artistic and mathematical skills of the individual, their plan was either very good or very bad — when it came time for planting, you’d find out which.

However, I recently found that Jung Seed and their sister companies are offering a garden planning software.  It is free for the first 30 days — and well worth taking a look at.  You can plan the layout of your garden, put together a schedule based on your geographical location so you do everything at the right time, and have a digital copy of each year’s garden records.  Also, there are options for raised beds and container gardening, planting fruit trees and perennials, and more.While it’s fun to try for that first 30 days, it is definitely an addition that any serious gardener would want to make to their tools for the trade.

To find this great software, click here.




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