Missing in Action: Jupiter Pepper

“Horticulturist, where can I find Jupiter Pepper?  I’ve tried to order it from four different companies and all are substituting it.  Why?  Was it a crop failure? ~J.”


I’m sorry to have to tell you, but the Jupiter Pepper has been discontinued from production by it’s distributor, Rogers Seeds.  From what I have learned from my sources, many seed companies were supplied with some seed, but not enough to fill their 2011 orders.  I’m not sure what companies do have inventory, but I’m sure there are many that are out of inventory and are substituting for Jupiter if they were given short orders.

If Jupiter Pepper becomes available on the market again, it will be because the rights to it have been purchased by another company.  As always, if you find just one company carrying it in the years to come, you know that they are selling you carried over seed or are packaging and selling something that is not Jupiter Pepper.


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One thought on “Missing in Action: Jupiter Pepper

  1. I too had been wondering what was going on with Jupiter Pepper. Good thing to know, although I’m really disappointed that it is no more. I know that there is probably some reason why seed companies are discontinuing certain items (because they don’t sell), but is it me or does it seem like they are dropping some rather popular varieties. Maybe I’m just partial, but the things that have disappeared from catalogs the last few years are usually the ‘best seller’ or ‘top pick’ ones.

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