Using Ground Covers for Soil Erosion

“I need a plant for erosion control on a treed and shaded hill going down to a small stream.  Soil is not good and can get dry in summer.  Flowering or evergreen ok.  Thanks for your help, ~P.”


Thank you for the email regarding the problems you are having with erosion.
A plant that would work great for your situation would be Bishop’s Weed
(Aegopodium).  Bishop’s weed is an ideal, rapidly spreading grouncover for
difficult areas. It provides a thick mass of coarse green and white leaves
with saw-tooth edges. It grows to 8-10 inches and dies down in winter.
Clusters of small white flowers come into bloom in midsummer.

Bishop’s weed is suitable for areas where barriers can contain its vigorous
growth, such as a strip between a house and a paved path, or in an area
where a fast-growing ground cover is needed to prevent erosion. It will grow
in almost any soil in sun or shade in Zones 3-10 and will thrive under most
trees. It isn’t discouraged by heavy clay soil.

Plant in spring, setting plants 6 to 12 inches apart. New plants are
propagated by dividing old ones in early spring while dormant, or in early
fall when the season’s growth has matured. Aegopodium is an aggressive
grower best used by itself to underplant larger woody trees and shrubs.
Sometimes, toward the end of hot, dry summers, the foliage will look tired
and bedraggled. Just run the lawn mower over it and water it deeply a few
times to encourage fresh new growth if desired.




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