New to the Market: Sun Drop Tomato

The Sun Drop tomato is an example of the emphasis place on the market to have new innovations in marketing for tomatoes.

Mucci Farms of Canada  received the “Best New Fruit Award” at the 2011 United Fresh Produce Association Convention held in May in New Orleans for their introduction of Sun Drop TM.

Mucci Farm is based in southwestern Ontario, Canada, between Kingsville and Leamington, and distributes product throughout Canada as well as the United States.

The company markets a diversified variety of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, all under glass.  On the tomato side, there are beefsteak, vine-ripe, cocktail, and grape toamtoes.  Sun Drop is a grape variety.  The company has been in business since the ealry 1960s.

The Sun Drop tomato has been years in the making.  It represents the fulfillment of many request coming from customers for a more flavorful and palatable grape tomato.

The variety has some unique features.  Early in the season, it has very distinctive ridges.  As the fruit matures, the ridges tend to soften slightly, but it does retain its unique look when ready and ripe.  The shelf life is 10-14 days.

Unfortunately, for the home gardener, Sun Drop is not on the market as seed or plants.  If you are interested in growing something very similar, I recommend trying the variety “Tomatoberry”.




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