Chenopodium Growing Instructions

“What can you tell me about Chenopodium ‘Anres Hybrids’ specifically Seed germination information. Cut Flower Conditioning. Cut Flower Spacing Fertilization etc. Thank you, ~Roberta”


Hi Roberta,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to Chenopodium.  Chenopodium is
responsive to nitrogen and phosphorous. Plants grown in average garden soil
will be four-feet to six-feet tall, while those grown in rich soil or
compost may reach over eight feet. Optimum soil is a well-drained loam but
both plants will do well in all but poorly aerated clay soils.

It grows best where maximum temperatures do not exceed  90°F (32°C) and
nighttime temperatures are cool. If direct seeded into the garden when soil
temperatures are around 60°F (15°C), seedlings emerge within three to four
days. However, when chenopodium seeds are planted in soil with night-time
temperatures much above that, it may, like spinach, may not germinate. In
this instance, it’s best to refrigerate seeds before planting to give them
time to have the coolness needed to break dormancy.

The small seeds will germinate more successfully with a finely prepared
surface and adequate moisture. Seeds should be sown no more than one-quarter
inch deep in rows one and a half- to two-feet (45-60 cm) apart or wide
enough to accommodate a rototiller between the rows without damaging the
plants. Planting can be done by hand or with a row seeder. Plants should
eventually be thinned 6 to 18 inches (15-45 cm) apart. (Thinnings make great
additions to salad.)

One gram of seed will sow 50 feet (15 m) of row. An acre requires about one
pound of seed.

When weeding, the Chenopodium in this blend resembles lamb’s-quarters and
red-rooted pigweed, especially in the early stages of growth, so it is best
to sow seed in rows to make weeding less confusing. Since seed is small, you
can avoid considerable thinning by mixing it with sand or radish seed before
sowing, as is sometimes done with carrots.

Soil moisture is probably sufficient until early June to germinate the seed.
Given good soil moisture, don’t water until the plants reach the two- or
three-leaf stage. Chenopodium appears slow growing at first but both are
extremely drought tolerant and do well on a total of 10 inches (25 cm) of
water or less. As the plants reach about one foot in height, they start to
grow very rapidly, the canopy closes in, weeds are shaded out and less
moisture is lost through evaporation.

I hope this information helps you out.  If you have any other questions,
please feel free to ask.


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