Determinate vs. Indeterminate Tomatoes

Hi, I’ve got a tall order for you, per se…I’m looking for seeds for a medium sized tomato (or anything ~6 ounce or >) that stays relatively small (less than 3 feet so it will do well in a container), but is INdeterminate. Any suggestions as to a specific cultivar or will I have to stick with a determinate tomato to get a short-in-stature medium sized tomato? Thanks for your help!  ~J.


Hi J.,

Thank you for the email regarding your tomatoes.  I’m trying to think of anything that may defy the parameters here and am not coming up with much.  For a tomato to be determinate, it has a plant size that generally grows to about 3-4 feet at most.  Indeterminates grow well beyond that and would keep growing if they were not killed off by the changing of the season and other environmental conditions.  I think your best bet would be to go with a Patio or regular determinate variety of tomato.


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2 thoughts on “Determinate vs. Indeterminate Tomatoes

  1. One trick I have used with success is to plant an indeterminant tomato variety in a 5 gallon container or in an “Earthbox” from Gardener’s Supply Company. Then I placed the container up against a chain link fence that was 6 feet tall; viola – instant trellis that will never fall down with the weight of lots of tasty tomatoes. Another time I found a head board of an old bed that was made with tubes, creating a great trellis for the containerized tomato plants. There are many ways to skin an indeterminant tomatoes.

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