Knock ’em Dead: Tried and True Way to Get Rid of Ants

As shown in many of my past blog articles…

…it’s pretty evident that ants are a constant bane of a gardener’s or home owner’s existance.

When I was living in my last rental residence, I had severe problems with ants. They came in the bedroom and didn’t really seem to be interested in anything in particular — other than crawling up on my bed! I never had food in the room, so there was no reason for them to be there. After trying many products, like Tarro and straight Borax, I found the perfect solution.

As a way to see if the ants would ‘take the bait’, I put a small bit of jelly on a piece of cardboard and set it in the bedroom. Within an hour, I think the whole anthill was there partaking in the food (insert thought of why they did not go to the kitchen about 15 feet away where there was tons of food). In getting creative (and desperate), I decided to mix borax in with the jelly for the next feeding. Use enough of each to make a thin paste — not like clay, but liquidy enough that the jelly is still a bit gel-like.  Put it on a small paper plate or piece of cardboard in the area where it is needed. Within about 12 hours (overnight), you will be hard pressed to find an ant. Works well for sweet, black, and red ants.


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