Belstar Broccoli? Or is it Cauliflower?

“My “Belstar” broccoli that I started from the seed I ordered is light colored and looks like cauliflower. If this is cauliflower, it is a big problem because I put up my broccoli to eat over the winter and now I won’t have any. I have to say that I am not a huge cauliflower fan. There are some that look a little more like broccoli as in the second picture, but the color is more like cauliflower than broccoli and the clusters are weird. Anyway, neither of these things is what I was expecting. I grow broccoli and freeze it every year, so I know what it usually looks like. Please advise me on your opinion regarding this matter.

Thank you,


DSC_1443 DSC_1444


Hi Tracy,

Thank you for your email. Hmmm, looks like your “Belstar” Broccoli is not all broccoli!

The bottom picture is of broccoli — and I will assume it is Belstar (at least I hope so!). The top picture is DEFINITELY a Romanesco-type Cauliflower (also known as Broccliflower).  Although it is light green in color, it is definitely not broccoli.

I would contact the company that you purchased the seed from and let them know about the mistake. Hopefully, they will do the right thing and either refund your money or send you some other seed that is clean.  If they do nothing, I guess that says a lot about their morals and quality control, because the difference is very evident.

Although you are not keen on cauliflower, do try the Romanesco Cauliflower. You may like it, as it has a somewhat different flavor than regular cauliflower. I’m not saying that if you like it, that makes everything okay. However, if you put the effort into growing it and getting it to this point (because the heads look really great!), you might as well see if you like it instead of tossing it out. But still contact the company you got it from.


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2 thoughts on “Belstar Broccoli? Or is it Cauliflower?

  1. Thank you for all your help. I called the company I purchased it from (Jung Seed) and they are going to pass it on to some one else to see if I receive a refund because they say they have had no other complaints.

  2. LOL, I find it interesting that the seed came from Jung Seed. I used to buy from them and all their other companies, but stopped about five years ago when I kept getting the wrong item. I was even sent lilacs one time instead of gooseberries! “No other complaints”, my a$$. That is always what they told me too. Guess that means I must have been the only customer that bought that item, right?

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