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67 thoughts on “Post Your Questions Here

  1. I have a sweet cherry that I bought a few springs ago. Had been doing great, but this spring did not leaf out or bloom. I have scratched the bark and there is green wood under it. I live south of the equator, so I am not nuts (I realize you are going into winter). We had a very wet winter and fall. Is my tree going to be okay or do you think I am going to loose it? Is there anything I can do?

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  3. I would like a good snap bean. Tender, snaps nice, cooks up tender. I have used Blue Lake Bush 274, I want one with more snap. I want to use these for selling and eating fresh.
    Thank you,
    George Voelker
    Mansfield, PA

  4. I am looking for lilies that can be potted and sunk/thrown in a pond. Can I do this with daylilies and tigerlilies and the like? Any recommendations?

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  7. what would be the best blueberry to grow for my family to pick and freeze for my area and also that it does not grow to big.

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  9. For years I have been growing these little leaf cucumberand now I can’t find them. They are great for dill pickels small seeds and crisp and the right size. Do you know a place to get these or something comparable?

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  11. I have an enclosed porch that I would like to try to grow some
    tomatoes but I’m not sure what variety. What type should I look for that
    will grow in greenhouse type conditions? What are the different types of
    pollination? I noticed some in the catalogue say open pollination.
    Thank you for your time

  12. Last year we planted ‘Neon Orange’ and ‘Long Face’ pumpkins because we Have a short season here and it is very dry. We had good luck with the Neon and no luck with the Long Face. Do you also know of a pumpkin that would be Jack-o-lantern size but would grow in a dry climate and a short season. We use a drip system and watered about 600 gallons per day for a 1/2 Acre.


    Bret Wade
    Wade Acres
    Simla, CO.

  13. Is Velvet Red the same variety as Angora Super Sweet? I have seen/read some sources that suggest they are one and the same, developed by Joe Bratka.

  14. hi mertie mae,
    I see a lot of seed companies have seed tapes this year. What exact are these, do they work, and do you recommend them?

  15. I have brownish red rust on the leaves of my brand new Ben Sarek Black Currants. I just bought them from Jung Nursery in Stevens Point. What is wrong with them? Thank you, Timothy in Bloomer, WI

  16. We have a miniature Pear tree. The tree bears fruit very well but the fruit always has lots of small black spots. Some one told me that I should use a dormant spray for this problem. Would you give me advice on when to spray. We live in Massachusetts. Thanks much, Jim

  17. I saw your post the other day about the gentleman from Bloomer, WI that had issues with his Ben Sarek currants from Jung Seed, and I wanted to ask you about my bare root gooseberry that I received from them via the mail. It was supposed to be an Invicta gooseberry, but the leaves are not the traditional lobed leaf that you see on a gooseberry, and it has some disease. I called the company, and they said that sometimes the first set of leaves that come out are not true leaves, but the second set of leaves will be the true leaves that will look more like a gooseberry. It may also be how they grow here in Maine. I’ve grown other varieties of gooseberry and I’ve never had different types of leaves. And why would something grow different in Maine? That sounds fishy! Or am I wrong? Please help!

  18. Hello Mertie,
    I like your writing style and your dry humor. You seem to know a lot about seeds and plants, so I have a few questions for you.
    1. What is unsized seeds? I’ve seen this in carrots, cole crops, and lettuce.
    2. What is checking on a pepper?
    3. Are grafted tomato plants worth the extra money and fuss?
    4. What is the pellet on a seed made from? Is it safe for my organic garden?
    Thank you for all your great articles,

  19. All of the evergreen trees in my yard here in Wausau, WI died this winter. I think it is my neighbor’s dog that peed on them and killed them, but my husband says the trees are too big to die that fast. They are all at least 10 years old, sum as much as about 25 years old. My husband says that I am crazy and that they will put out new leaves and grow back because it is normal for everygreens to die in winter. I remember some brown other years, but there was still green left on them. This year the only green we have is right at the bottom of the tree or none at all. Please help!

  20. Hi, I apologize if you get this post twice as I had a little trouble at first posting. I live in NC. The leaves on my pole beans are beginning to turn a dark yellow color and the bean production has gone down noticeably. Should I fertilize them with an organic fertilizer? Will it harm them? I am growing them in an organic garden on a fence. I have read that you do not need to fertilize pole beans because they fix their own nitrogen, but mine seem to have been fixing the nitrogen at first when the leaves were green and pretty but now not so much. What would you recommend? If I just let them alone at the rate they are looking, they will probably soon die. Is it time to just pull them up? They are still putting out some pole beans—some normal shaped ones, and some that are misshapen. I had thought they would keep producing well until frost, which for NC is quite a ways off. I’d like to keep them producing if I can. There was a time when they were very productive. Also, how often should i water them? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Evangeline, thanks for asking. Sorry it has taken so long to respond — haven’t been online the last couple days because I’ve been invisibly leg shackled to the stove canning corn and tomatoes. Few questions for you that will help me to better answer your question:

      1. When the leaves go from green to yellow, is there just yellow coloration or other things like brown/black spots, white powder, a sticky-ness to the leaf, or green veins with yellow leaf between? Is there any spotting on the leaf before it turns yellow?
      2. Have you had any aphid, thrip, spider mite, or small sucking insect issues on the beans or other crops planted around them?
      3. Are your beans growing in a row by themselves or have they been intercropped with other plants (corn, squash, etc.)?
      4. What type of soil do you have? Sand? Loam? Clay? Mix?
      5. What zone are you in? Are you in the mountains or more coastal/lower elevations?
      6. Do you rotate your crops on a 3-4 year rotation?

      These will give me a little bit better understanding of what is going on with your beans. There are a number of things that could be causing a bean to color like this, so I want to make sure we address the problem correctly!

      • Hi Mertie Mae! Thanks so much for trying to help me with my pole bean problem. My pole beans were growing in very good soil. It is very dark, organic rich soil. They are growing on a fence that my husband erects for me each year that is about 8 feet tall. Unfortunately, I cannot rotate these crops because we have a small yard and I only have that one place for a big kitchen garden. So I grow my pole beans in the same place every year. I have been able to plant a few pole beans in smaller areas around the house, but not near as many as I can plant on the fence. I have definitely seen some small insects on the beans, but have not been able to identify them. My beans are left with brown indentations that turn brown and spot up the beans. They are growing in the kitchen garden with everything else, but on the fence where they are growing, they are only growing with pole beans. So there is no intercropping. Sure enough they have died and did not make it until frost. I wished they could have though. Smile We live in Knightdale, NC and I do not like beans with strings. I feel like it takes up too much time to get the strings out and that I never can get all the strings out. Do you have any suggestions for some varieties of pole beans that are stringless that would be resistant to disease and that would grow well in our area here? I have tried the Kentucky Wonder, but they didn’t do that great and they had a lot of strings. Thanks for any suggestions or help that you give me and I am wondering how did you canning of corn and tomatoes turn out? This is an aside, but since you are mentioning canning, I love to can also and would like to know if you can tell me some varieties of corn and tomatoes that you have had the best success canning. When I look at those jars of canned tomatoes in the canning books, they all look so pretty, but mine don’t look like that. Mine look more “mushy”. The ones I see in the books look pretty whole and dark red. Also, I have seen pictures of beautiful yellow corn that has been canned, but don’t know what variety to try. I tried to can some Silver Queen once, but it turned kind of brownish and didn’t look pretty in the jars. Thanks Mertie Mae!

        Happy Fall!

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for asking. Couple questions first:

      1. What state are you in? What is your Zone?
      2. How old is your tree?
      3. Has there been any recent damage to the tree? (girdling, feeding on foliage, exudate from fungal/bacterial infection, etc.)
      4. What is it’s location like? Full sun? Part shade? Etc.

      That will give me a little bit better understanding of what is going on with your mountain ash so we can get down to the root of the problem.

      • 1. I am in BC Canada. not sure zone#. 2.Not sure of the age either, we bought it 2 years ago it was about 8 ft. 3. We had a mouse or some small rodent eat the bark off . about a 10 inch strip around just a couple of inches above ground. 4. It is part shade, it gets afternoon sun. I have read since then that it needs more sun and is easy to transplant. When is the best time to transplant?

  21. You seem to have a real problem with master gardeners. What is your fucking problem? Are you jealous that you are not one? Master gardeners are experts and instead of being a fucktard about gardening you should actually learn something about gardening. You know shit and you give poor advice. I’m sick of you bitching about us. You are one of those bastards that once planted a plant and now think you know every fucking thing about gardening and you probably have to copy your blog articles off of someone elses blog and put them up as yours because you are so fucking dumb. All the comments you have up are the good ones because you probably delete all the ones that bitch at you because you are a fucking asshole. You are making fun all the time of people that actually know how to garden and you give master gardeners a bad name. I wish someone would regulate blogs so shitheaded losers like you could not write dumbass articles or copy other peoples articles. Why don’t you stop being so fucked up and go become a master gardener so you are not so full of shit!

  22. I want to know what is the best cucumber for greenhouse production and give more of a crop. I called some of the seed companies and the most commonly recommended was Tasty King, but it doesn’t have to be this variety.

    • There are a number of reasons why a plant may have yellow leaves. Some are do to environmental circumstances, and some are due to the species of the plant and diseases that may affect it. What type(s) of plants did you having yellow leaves on?

  23. I wants a good keepen yellow onion in either plants or sets but the ones thats was in this years catalogs wasn’t avaialbe separaptadly only in a collection. I wants to recommend to companies that they offer yellow of parma by itself. Its the best keepen yellow onion out there and have it that you can purchase it separaptadly. Can you recommend an onion thad be almost good as yellow of parma that I can grown here in my garden that will do well I dont want to have to buy a hole collection I dont need alls the rest of the varieties.

  24. I like Japanese Lanterns, but I don’t like to grow just a single thing in a row. I like things in a mix. Do you know of any variety from any seed company that has Japanese Lanterns in their mix. I am starting to make my seed list out for next year, so would appreciate your advice.

  25. Hi Mertie,

    I was wondering if you could help me out with a pepper question that we had happen last fall. I like to let my peppers stay on the vine until they are red, but find that they rot in no time at all ones they are picked. For example, if on Saturday I picked 4 peppers that had just finished turning red, they were mush by Monday night. The green peppers I picked on Friday are still nice. What gives? We have had some wet weather, but the plants did not have any diseases and the fruit was not laying on the ground.

    Thank you,
    Barb in Powersville, MO

  26. Last year I got a tricolor bean mix. It had an extra bean in it. It was yellow with purple ‘striping’. It was a very good and productive bean. I could not find it in the catalog I bought the mix from and have not had any luck finding it in other catalogs. I wonder if this is a good accident waiting to be proven or what?

  27. I am writing regarding Sweet as Candy onion plants. I have found that they are not keeping as well as the Candy Hybrid onions I had in the past. I bought my plants onions from J.W. Jung and when I called to complain that they had not had as good of quality as in the past, I was told that they had problems with the onions in their fields and were not able to dig them as early. I know Wisconsin had a very late spring. The red onions are quite strong and I am wondering if the late digging in Wisconsin caused the strong taste and storage problems. You mentioned that you buy your onion plants from Texas, but you live in the Midwest? I live in Minnesota, but I only buy from companies that are in my area. Wouldn’t your onions be sensitive to our colder temperatures?

    Janet in New York Mills, MN

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