Indoor Herb Production

“I was wanted to grow my herbs seeds inside for the winter at home and i was wondering if that was possable or if they would die. Thank you!  ~H.”


The first thing that you want have is a sunny windowsill.  A south or southeast facing window is perfect – just so long as it has at least 5 hours of sun per day and is not drafty.  Pretty much any type of herb will grow, although I have found that I have better luck with more annual-type herbs (not once that get woody stems) – basils, chives, parsley, mints, cilantro, and dill work very well.  The seeds can be planted in a container that is about 6-12 inches deep.  I use a long container like what you would normally have for a window box or hanging on the edge of a deck railing.  Individual pots work well too.

Fill the containers with soilless potting mix up to about one inch below the top edge and make sure that it is light and will have good drainage.  Plant the seeds as directed.  Water sparingly as herbs do not like to have super wet soil.  Fertilize about once a month with a product labeled for use on edibles.  Snip and use the plants often to encourage them to grow full and bushy, but never trim off more than 1/3 of the plant.

If there isn’t enough light, fluorescent lights can be used.  They need to be placed close to the lights (about 18” away) and kept on for 10 hours a day.

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