Potted Lilies for the Pond

“I am looking for lilies that can be potted and sunk/thrown in a pond. Can I do this with daylilies and tigerlilies and the like? Any recommendations?



Hi Faye,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the types of lilies that are traditionally grown in your garden (Hemerocallis/Daylilies, Lilium/Lilies, etc.) are not the same as water lilies (Nymphaea).

I’ll be honest: I’m not an expert on aquatic plants. I never studied more than the basics on the topic and have never had any aquatic plants in my yard. I am really out of my element here and I don’t feel right reading up on the topic on someone else’s page and regurgitating the information here.

Water Lily

I see from your post that you are from Maryland. There is a place called Lilypons Water Gardens Company. They are one of the country’s largest water garden gardening centers. I highly recommend them– despite not being aquatically knowledgable, I do know of them.  They also have a great blog that can help you out with general info to get you started!

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

(You can see Faye’s question here.)


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