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Blueberry Recommendations for NE Wisconsin

“what would be the best blueberry to grow for my family to pick and freeze for my area and also that it does not grow to big.  I live in New London, Wisconsin, and we are a Zone 4.


You can see Ann’s question here.)


Hi Ann,

Thanks for your question!

The varieties I recommend for folks in your area are:



–Dwarf Northblue (for garden or container)

–Dwarf Northcountry (for garden or container)






–Top Hat (for garden or container)


One last note: depending on where you look online, many folks say you can’t grow (insert variety) blueberries because they have tough skins when frozen. Contrary to popular belief, tough blueberry skins are not caused by the variety, but by what you do to them prior to freezing. Blueberries *technically* are not supposed to be washed prior to freezing. However, if you are like me, you will be washing them! What I do is wash them and then lay them out on a cookie sheet to allow them to dry before bagging and popping in the freezer.


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