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Velvet Red vs. Angora Super Sweet: Same Tomato or Different?

“Is Velvet Red the same variety as Angora Super Sweet? I have seen/read some sources that suggest they are one and the same, developed by Joe Bratka.



Velvet_RedPhoto courtesy of Rutgers University

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for the email in regards to Velvet Red and Angora Super Sweet Tomato varieties.  As you may have noticed while researching online, there are some issues with Joe Bratka and some of his ‘varieties’ that he brought out.  Angora Super Sweet is one of these.  Back in the day, Joe was doing plant grow outs for Seed Savers Exchange and some commercial heirloom companies.  Apparently, Joe was renaming items to make more sales.  Velvet Red/Angora Super Sweet is one of these renaming.  Velvet Red came out on the market two years prior to Angora Super Sweet, but they are the exact same tomato.  Velvet Red is the name that it is supposed to be legally sold by, although some still list it (illegally) as Angora Super Sweet as the variety in their catalogs.

I hope this information helps you out.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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