The Catalog: Mertie Mae Seeds 2014

Over 30 varieties of organically grown, heirloom tomato and tomatillo seeds to chose from. Which will you pick?  See more on our Etsy site!


Vera Vera 3 Vera 2 Toma Verde Tomatillo Toma Verde Tomatillo 2 Stupice Speckled Roman Snowberry Red Zebra Red Fig Red Currant Purple Tomatillo Purple Russian Porter Pink Brandywine Nebraska Wedding Nebraska Wedding 2 Napoli Napoli 2 MExican Midget Lillian's Yellow Heirloom Gold Currant German Johnson Pink Christmas Grape Chocolate Cherry Bulgarian Triumph Brown Berry Brandywine Black Sea Man Black from Tula siberian Black Brandywine Bella Rosa Hard Rock Aunt Ruby's German Green Alaskan Fancy Anna Russian Amish Paste Amana Orange Alaskan Fancy Abe Lincoln Original

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