Tomatoes for Growing Indoors

“I’m currently using the “Red Alert” variety to grow indoors during the winter – they do great in our south-facing patio door.  Is there a determinate variety with a larger fruit – something about 2″ diameter?  I’d like something a little more like a real tomato in a cherry tomato package so to speak….
Thanks – Jim”


Hi Jim,

Thank you for contacting me through Etsy regarding growing tomatoes indoors.  Some that I think would work well would be:

index–Sub Arctic Plenty:  It’s fruit might be a little smaller than you are looking for (1-2 inches), but it has a nice, tart tomato-ey taste rather than being sweet like a cherry tomato.

Alaskan FancyAlaskan Fancy
Hard Rock–Hard Rock

I hope this information helps you out.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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