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“moles have been digging in my flower beds, what can i do



MoleHi Cindy,

Thank you for the email regarding the moles that you have been having in your flower beds.  Moles live a solitary life, constantly digging tunnels in search for food. Large front claws distinguish this small animal from a vole or mouse. A mole can dig up to 15 feet per hour. An adult mole is colored gray to brown and grows to a size of 6 to 8 inches. They don’t hibernate and will tunnel under the frost line in winter. Moles reproduce once a year, in the spring, and will only produce 3 or 4 offspring. Spring tunneling in most noticeable.

Trying to remove moles from your yard may involve traps, poisons, some old fashion home remedies, and lots of patience. Many folks prefer to get rid of them without the use of poisons or traps. There are products on the market today that we can use to repel as well as some to prevent moles.

First let’s talk about prevention. Preventative measures should center on their food source. Moles are insectivores, meaning they eat insects such as earthworms and grubs. Most damage to plant life is done while burrowing for insects when they uproot the plants and disturb the grass roots. Getting rid of the grubs will cause the moles to search elsewhere for food. A product named Bacillus popilliae or Milky Spore can be spread over the grass. This product will decrease the grub population and your yard will no longer be an attractive source of food for moles. To completely get rid of the grubs, it is recommended that you apply Milky Spore in late spring, summer and again in fall. Repeat this process for two consecutive years to obtain optimum control. This will kill all three life cycles of the grub. Did you know that grubs grow up to be Japanese Beetles? It’s true. So while you are eliminating the grub population, you are also eliminating the Japanese Beetles.

Here at our place, the tried-and-true method we use to rid the place of the moles is Juicy Fruit gum — the ‘old’ kind that comes as a stick, not the newer chiclet-type flavors.  Find a hole or dig one into a mound of soil in your yard where the mole has gone through. Place an unwrapped stick of gum inside.  The mole, no matter where he has gone afterwards, will come back for that stick of gum!  They eat it and it binds them up inside and kills them.  Repeat if you have more new moles tunnels made, as this means you have more than one mole in your yard.

I hope this information helps you out.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.