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Rust on Ben Sarek Currants

“I have brownish red rust on the leaves of my brand new Ben Sarek Black Currants. I just bought them from Jung Nursery in Stevens Point. What is wrong with them?

Thank you,

Timothy in Bloomer, WI”


Hi Timothy,

Thank you for your post and photo of your Ben Sarek Black Currant. It looks like your plants is suffering from a condition caused by the Currant Blister Aphid. Feeding by the aphids cause  the leaves to blister and turn red. The plant will continue to grow unharmed as the aphid does not affect the crop of berries and will not overwinter here in Wisconsin. It is not necessary to treat currant blister aphid because it is just not something that survives in our area. My guess is that the stock nursery that they came from had aphids in their warehouse that were feeding on the dormant plants, and are likely long gone by now.

If you are a worrywart and wish to do something just in case there are still aphids on the plant, then spray with horticultural soap or a mild solution of washing up liquid to control the aphids.

I hope this information helps you out. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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