Tassel Color on Corn

“I planted one pack of Blue Dent corn early this summer and it has grown great thus far. One plant has a blue tassel and blue shucks on the ear. the rest of the plants have white tassels and look like normal sweet corn. Does it dry to blue or is something wrong with the plants?




Hi Michael,

Thank you for the email regarding your Blue Dent Corn.  First of all, it sounds like your corn is doing good, so don’t worry.

blue dent cornBlue Dent Corn is usually white with a hint of blue/purple tint to the white.  By this, I don’t mean that the color is blue or purple, but that the white has that hint to it.  Once the kernels mature and start to dry, you will see the blue/purple color enhance in the kernels.  The reason why this occurs is because the sugars that are in the kernel when it is young are white.  There is a little bit of starch in the kernels too, so that is why it has a blue/purple hue too.  As the kernel matures, the sugars are converted to starch, so the blue/purple color becomes more visible.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.



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