Little Tykes?

“I read your previous article and was wodnering about little tyke cukes.  I had them this year and made lots of pickles, but the bigger ones were soft.  Would that be from the enzyme too? But I had picklers?  Why did this happen?”


Although Little Tykes are a pickling cucumber, they have a different makeup than the slicers previously discussed.  Little Tyke Hybrid is bred specifically for baby cucumbers — usually about 1 to 3 1/2 inches in length.  When they get larger than that, they are starting to ripen.  While you may have Little Tyke and another variety in your garden (or are just used to growing a different variety), the ‘typical’ size for a different variety is overgrown for the Little Tyke.

Once your Little Tykes get over the 3-4 inch size, I would recommend using them like an overgrown cucumber: make yellow pickles or relish, but don’t use them for your dills, sweet, or bread and butter pickles.

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