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Transplanting Rhubarb in the Autumn

“I want to transplant some of my rhubarb in South Dakota.  How do I transport the roots (it is 12 hr drive)?  If I can not get them in the ground before it freezes how can I keep the roots safe and get them ready for spring?  How long do I have to get them in the ground – before the ground freezes?




rhubarbHi Lynn,

Thank you for the email regarding your rhubarb.  We are getting into the time of year when it is not best to move the plants — long or short distance.

What you want to make sure of before the plants are moved is that they are completely dormant but before the ground freezes.  Once dormant, dig up the roots.  If you are moving them a long distance, they can be put into a brown paper bag with moist sphagnum moss.  This bag is then incased in a plastic bag so you won’t get your car wet.

When you are ready to plant, make sure to put a little sphagnum moss in the hole.  The acidity is okay because it will help the rhubarb to have a nice red color and it will maintain the moisture during the dry times in autumn.

I hope this information helps you out.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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