Post Your Questions Here 2015

Need an answer to a horticultural question?  Post your questions here and see them in a future blog post!

Please include your planting zone, state, and information on your general location (are you at the base of a mountain? on top of a hill? in a bog? etc..) when posting your question.

(Please note:  posts will be relocated to the blog entry as they are responded to.)

8 thoughts on “Post Your Questions Here 2015

  1. Odd question, but here goes. I got an heirloom mix of tomatoes a few years ago from Totally Tomatoes. I called the company to find out what was in it, but they told me that they could not tell me because of proprietary things. I have pictures of the tomatoes that grew. I know you know your heirloom tomatoes. If I send you the pictures, could you help me to identify them? Thanks, Jamie

    • Yes, I’ll definitely take a stab at it. Please feel free to email them to me and I’ll feature them in a post.

  2. For years I have bought Viva Italia seed to raise. The last two summers have been hit with blossom rot in all plants late in season. What information do you offer that can prevent this plants or otherwise??

    Thank you,


    Zone 5

    In The Russet Potato Capital Of Idaho

  3. I’m wanting to grow my own jalapenos. I was curious about indoor growing in a large pot. Would jalapeno plants thrive as an indoor plant, assuming a good, sunny window?

    • No, sorry, I do not sell Super Heavyweight Pepper seed because (1) it is a hybrid, (2) it is not available as an organically grown seed, and (3) is produced by Monsanto.

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