Long Day Yellow Onion Recommendation: Copra from Dixondale Farms

“I wants a good keepen yellow onion in either plants or sets but the ones thats was in this years catalogs wasn’t avaialbe separaptadly only in a collection. I wants to recommend to companies that they offer yellow of parma by itself. Its the best keepen yellow onion out there and have it that you can purchase it separaptadly. Can you recommend an onion thad be almost good as yellow of parma that I can grown here in my garden that will do well I dont want to have to buy a hole collection I dont need alls the rest of the varieties.



Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your question. Before I go any further, I am just going to let you know that I am assuming that you live somewhere in the northern United States, as you are growing Yellow of Parma. YoP is a long-day variety, so you are definitely not going to want to be living in the south and growing this one!

Yellow of Parma

Yellow of Parma

That being said, I would definitely recommend trying Copra Onion.

Copra Onion

“Sweetest storage onion available. Best storage onion for Northeast and Northwest. Last year with the cooler and wetter weather in the Northeast they got much larger than usual. Normally it will make a nice round, hard 3″ onion. Ideal for cooking since it maintains a nice flavor.”

It is the ONLY yellow onion variety that I grow for storage (I also grow cippolinis and such, but not for storage).  It’s a pretty common variety and you can find the seeds or plants for it just about anywhere, but I strongly recommend purchasing plants directly from Dixondale Farms.   Dixondale supplies the Copra onion plants for just about every seed and nursery company I can think, but there are two HUGE reasons why you should buy directly from Dixondale rather than someone else:

1.  Dixondale sells them for less per bunch and shipping is free. The more bunches you buy, the less the cost is per bunch.  So, if you are like me and are going to buy another variety or two (or in my case this year, 2 other varieties of onions, leeks, 2 cippolinis and maaaaybe those red torpedo onions).

2.  The seed/nursery companies that buy and resell Dixondale’s onion plants get their shippments in January and have them sitting around until it is the right time of Spring to send out your plants to you.  Often times these seed companies don’t have the best storage conditions — trust me, I know this from first hand knowledge. Dixondale harvests them directly at the correct time and ship them to you at the proper time: nice and fresh.  I admit, for many years I bought my Dixondale plants through various seed companies and I frequently got burned.  When I bought directly from Dixondale, I have never been disappointed.   You can find Copra Onion plants here on Dixondale’s website for purchase.

And for those of my readers that are maybe not looking for an onion recommendation, but just a good place to get onion plants from, I wholeheartedly recommend Dixondale Farms.  People that visit my garden are always surprised by my onions — they look good!  While I am pretty good at growing them, I have to give credit to the people at Dixondale Farms for giving them a good start.

In case you are wondering, nope, I don’t get a kickback from Dixondale.  I just give credit where credit is due.

Thanks for the question, Wayne. If I can help you out with anything else, let me know.


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