Mystery Bean in a Tricolor Bean Mix

“Last year I got a tricolor bean mix. It had an extra bean in it. It was yellow with purple ‘striping’. It was a very good and productive bean. I could not find it in the catalog I bought the mix from and have not had any luck finding it in other catalogs. I wonder if this is a good accident waiting to be proven or what?

Rattlesnake Bean

Connie Gengler”


Hi Connie,

Looks like you have good old heirloom bean named Rattlesnake.

However, I have to admit, I am rather surprised that a seed company would include this in their bean mix — well, unless they are a regional company that doesn’t ship everywhere.  Rattlesnake beans are traditionally grown in the Southeast because they thrive in the hot, humid conditions of summer.  I’ve tried to grow them here in Wisconsin, and they usually don’t do too great.  Just curious where you live, and where the company you bought them from is located (because I wonder if they really know what they are doing! )  😉

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


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5 thoughts on “Mystery Bean in a Tricolor Bean Mix

  1. Oh, thank you so much! Now I know what to buy this year. As for where I bought them, it was Vermont Bean Seed, even though they are from Wisconsin. Thank you again!

  2. Yeah, Rattlesnake are definitely a southern bean unless we have an unusual summer. I live in Minnesota and had a tribean mix from Jung’s that had the Rattlesnake in it. They grew okay in 2012 when it was insanely hot, but very poorly in 2013 and not much better in 2014 when we had more normal, regular hot summers. I know Jung’s and Vermont Bean are owned by the same people. I wonder if they use the same seed for both catalogs. That’d be a hoot if they did.

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