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Great Garden Products for 2015

Reprinted with permission of the National Garden Bureau:


National Garden Bureau Members
Present Great Garden Products

Every year, National Garden Bureau’s members offer a wide range of products to help you grow a successful garden. Many are downright necessary or simply make the job easier; others are fun to have or just make the garden more attractive. All garden products, descriptions and links for where to purchase them can be found at

Books to Enhance Your Garden Knowledge and Ideas:
Gardening books are a great escape during the dreary end-of-winter blahs so check out these great gardening titles!
Getting Started:
Now is a great time to plan your garden and start your own seedlings.
Planting Assistance:

Proper soil preparation and planting tools are key to a successful garden.
Take it Outside:

The right tools make all the difference when extending the season.
Feed and Protect:
You never know what you might need so plan ahead and have your arsenal ready.
Making Life Easier:

Those little items that make gardening a tad bit easier.
Harvesting the Bounty:
If you grow it, you’ll get to preserve and cook it!
And Recycle what you can’t consume:
Composting is easy with a few simple supplies.
Please consider our NGB member companies as authoritative sources for information. Click on direct links to their websites by selecting Member Info from the menu on the left side of our home page. Gardeners looking for seed sources can use the “Shop Our Members” feature at the top of our home page.

National Garden Bureau would like to thank our members for providing the photos for this feature.

Founded in 1920, the National Garden Bureau is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life through increased use of seeds and plants. 

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