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More Plant Combination Inspirations

Republished with permission of the National Garden Bureau:


More Plant Combination Inspirations

Based on the response from the last e-newsletter about possible combination planter ideas, we are again presenting a few ideas on plants that can grow well together. Listed below, you can find additional National Garden Bureau’s members’ new varieties, including recent AAS Winners, as possible combinations to try.

Many great container designers suggest a thriller element for the container, meaning something tall, bold and/or dramatic. If you like the look of a softened planter edge, then by all means, add some sort of vining element if the combinations below do not offer a vining/cascading plant. Additionally, adding foliage plants to a combination planter can add texture and additional color variations.

Have fun trying new combinations and once you have something you like, share it on our Facebook page!

Let’s Go Garden!

An edible combo for the sun that’s as pretty as it is practical! Pair AAS Winners Mascotte bean with Pretty N Sweet pepper for a range of bright summer colors that produce delicious edible goodies all season long. Both have a compact habit perfect for window boxes and/or containers.
The lovely pink edged leaves of Ornamental Japonica Striped corn will act as a stunning accent plant in a container of Pinto Premium Lavender Rose geraniums. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance combination planter, this one is for you!
Zinnia Salsiando can act as a medium-height accent plant with red interior petals that will blend perfectly with the flowing and mounding habit of Petunia Easy Wave Velour Red.
Brand new hydrangea L.A. Dreamin’ boasts of blooms in blue, pink and every color in between, all on the same plant. Pair it with airy Glitz euphorbia in a large container for a dreamy combination of large hydrangea flowers and delicate white euphorbia blooms.
New Sanguna® Radiant Blue petunia has a unique, eye-catching pattern that will add flair to landscape beds, hanging baskets and combination containers. Its white center with blue trimmed petals looks stunning with the all-white osteospermum Akila® Daisy White. Both varieties have very good heat tolerance and will perform well in full sun while attracting butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.