Get a jump on planting…start your seeds indoors

Posted with permission of the National Garden Bureau:

Start the Growing Season Early…
A Seed Starting Experiement
Starting Seeds Indoor
Just couldn’t wait….

Here in the northern climate, Spring (garden) fever hits early and we are eager to plant even if the ground is frozen.

So to satisfy our need to garden, we decided to try an experiment of seeing how seeds started under a Compact Tabletop SunLite® Garden system from Gardener’s Supply Company fared compared to seedlings grown in our west-facing office window with just the natural light that comes through during this low-light time of year.

We started our seeds early for our experiment.  We recommend that you start your seeds at the best dates for your location and seed variety. Use Johnny’s Selected Seeds Seed-Starting Date Calculator to help you decide the right date for your location.  It really helps!

Why start your own seeds indoors?

  • More and different varieties to chose from then can be found as plants or seedlings at local retailers
  • Potential to save money and have more plants
  • Earlier harvests and greater yields
  • It’s easy
  • It’s a fun leaning activity with the kids!

Thank you to our NGB member Gardener’s Supply Company who graciously donated the Compact Tabletop SunLite® Garden and Organic GrowEase Seed Starting Success Kit for our use in this experiment.

AAS Winners Flower Seeds
For our test, we planted the following All-America Selections Winners:



Want to join our experiment?  Plant some AAS Winners this year indoors as well.  AAS Winners can be purchased from these suppliers.

Follow us on social media to see how our experiment is doing and be sure to share your photos of indoor planting as well. Please use #StartSeedsIndoor.

Indoor Seed Collage
Putting together the Tabletop SunLite Garden and planting the seeds were easy to do.  Gardener’s Supply Company really makes it simple!
Ready to start your seed indoors?

Our NGB members can start you off with some helpful information on growing seeds indoor and more…

Find all the supplies needed to start your seeds indoors with product from our NGB members.

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