Archive | May 19, 2016

Where Are We?

As you may have noticed, there are not too many articles dribbling out of the Horticulture Talk blog for a while.  We apologize for this, and have a really good excuse:

We added a little Sprout to the family!


At times while Sprout #1 was coming about, things were a bit difficult and it is a miracle she is here.  Many days while pregnant, it was a challenge to just stand up. (And this is the part where I remember that others I know who were pregnant at the time would complain about their difficult pregnancies and I would do side eye and throw shade because they didn’t know what they were talking about, okay.  ;-D  )

Due to health issues/difficult pregnancy, things here were not being updated much.  For those that submitted questions during this time, you know that the responses were sent back in a timely fashion, but you likely haven’t seen the question and response posted here yet.  Within the next few weeks/months/as time allows, those will be posted here.  In the meanwhile, you are welcome to submit your current and future questions here (see the link on the side or click this link), on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or email.  They will be posted as I respond to them.

Remember, our site is mostly geared around your questions, so submit away!  And thanks for sticking with us through the posting dry spell!