🎉 Celebrating Ten Years: The One and Only SunPatiens® 🎉

Posted with permission of the National Garden Bureau:


Moss Mountain Entrance
Replicated but never duplicated, the SunPatiens® brand is the trusted name in breakthrough heat and sun-loving impatiens.

Ten years ago, SunPatiens hit the market as the first ever sun-loving impatiens series – the true pioneer of its class. Since then, the unparalleled performance, reliability and flower power of SunPatiens have earned them a solid industry reputation and consumer brand recognition.

SunPatiens lovers return year after year to stock up on these incredible annuals that combine massive flower power with tough, low-maintenance plants that flourish practically anywhere.

Today, SunPatiens have the highest brand recognition, are supported by top retailers, have a large consumer following and are backed by gardening and lifestyle expert, P. Allen Smith. Allen recognizes the value and quality SunPatiens offer consumers, and stands behind the brand as its official spokesperson.
“Exceptional gardens and landscapes are created with exceptional plants. SunPatiens, because of their extraordinary genetics, offer a variety of colors and texture that thrive in both sun and shade,” states P. Allen Smith.
Three seasons of performance is the hallmark trait for SunPatiens – they are covered with beautiful flowers from spring, through the torturous heat of summer and right up to the first hard frost.  These robust plants are easy to grow, downy mildew resistant, love heat, can thrive in full sun, or part shade and deliver continuous color from spring through frost.

SunPatiensSunPatiens are available in 30+ colors and three distinct habits – Compact, Spreading and Vigorous.

Picking the right SunPatiens habit for your needs is easy.

– For hanging baskets, choose Spreading or Compact types.

– For patio containers, choose Spreading types for a mounding shape, or Compact types if you prefer a more upright look.

– For garden beds, choose according to the amount of space you have and the look you want: Compact types are best for smaller spaces and for mingling with other annuals, Vigorous types have an upright, V-shaped form and can grow quite large, making them stunning in large spaces and as a vivid backdrop for other plants. Spreading types are ideal if you prefer a mounded form that covers a lot of ground fast.

Interested in attracting butterflies to your garden? SunPatiens provide nectar that can attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  Butterflies are very attracted to orange, red, purple and pink flowers, making SunPatiens the perfect choice for butterfly-friendly gardens!


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