šŸŒ· Five Fall Planting Tips for Beautiful Spring Blooms! šŸŒ·

Posted with permission of the National Garden Bureau:


‘Tis the Season for Fall Bulb PlantingĀ 

As we experience the first chilly morningĀ and the leaves start to turn, many gardenersĀ begin to think about next year’s garden. One of the greatest early-season thrills is seeing spring blooming flowers popping up their heads, possibly even through a late spring snow.Ā Fall is THE time to plant spring bulbsĀ for beautiful bursts of brightly colored flowers heraldingĀ the long-awaited spring.

Here are five fall planting tips that will help make next year’s spring garden one of your prettiest!

Amstelveen Mix Brent & Becky
Narcissus Naturalizing Mix

1. Plant for continuous blooms from early spring to early summer. Ā Starting with snowdrops and crocus and ending with alliums you can create 8 to 10 weeks of bulb beauty…usually when you, your garden and pollinatorsĀ need it theĀ most!

2. Plant in groups of color – a bulb here or there, just doesn’t give the impact that a large group of flowers can. Ā Make a splash next spring by planting numerous bulbs of one type together. Ā Smaller bulbs usually make an impact when 25 or more are planted together. Tulips can really be seen when 12 or moreĀ are grouped together. Ā Larger bulbs and large flower heads like alliums and daffodils can be seen with as few as three together but for a large WOW try 7-9 together!

Longfield Garden Allium
american meadows fall Q&A

3. Plant your bulbs as soon as the ground is cold and when evenings are consistently in the 40’s and 50’s. Ā A good tip is to plant six weeks before the ground freezes in your area. Ā For warmerĀ states, your bulbs will require pre-chillingĀ before planting in the ground.

4. Plant the bulbs in loosened soil following the directions on the bulb’s packaging. Now is the time to add compost or fertilizer if your soil lacks nutrients.Ā  In general, plant bulbs 3 times the height of the bulb. For example, a 2″ tall daffodil bulb should be planted 6″ deep.Ā PlantĀ with the pointy side up. Ā SometimesĀ it isĀ hard to determineĀ which side is the pointy end, if there is a question, plant the bulb on its side.

5. Try planting some spring bulbs in containers. Ā Create a stunning display in your containers by adding bulbs for spring! When planting in a container, don’t be afraid to pack it full ofĀ bulbs. Plant bulbs at different heights to create an interesting display and longer seasonal appeal. Ā You can easily put 20-30 bulbs in a 14-20 inch across pot. Experiment, have fun, it will be worth it!

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