Is Your Garden Pollinator Friendly?

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Butterflies…Delightful Visitors!

There is no more delightful decoration for a garden than nature’s own–butterflies. On a warm sunny day, these visitors provide color and motion that doubles the pleasure of gardening. How fortunate for the gardener that it takes very little effort to make the yard attractive to butterflies!Learn more how to bring the wonder of butterflies to your garden here.

Create Your Own Pollinator-Friendly Garden

June 19 – 25, 2017 is National Pollinator Week.  To help perpetuate this great cause, National Garden Bureau is providing you with some additional specific tips on how to plant a pollinator-friendly garden.

Have fun creating your garden!

Bringing Kids, Pollinators & Gardening Together

Planting a garden to attract butterflies is an easy way to get children interested in gardening and nature while introducing them to science, all at the same time!

Read more on how to create this kid’s pollinator garden!
Exciting New Varieties!
Useful Gardening Products

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