Archive | October 30, 2017

Frightfully Good AAS Winners for your Garden!

Reposted with permission of the National Garden Bureau:


All Treats No Tricks!

As October draws to an end, Halloween creeps up on us with appropriately named AAS Winner garden delights.  These winners are destined to be favorite treats in your own garden!

Give them a try next year and get ready for a howling 2018 garden. 

Pumpkin Super Moon
You and your goblins will love the nice, eye-appealing ghostly white coloration on these blemish-free round pumpkins.
Tomato Midnight Snack
Midnight Snack is great in salads or eaten straight off the plant…a guilt-free treat any time of the day or full-moon night.
Ornamental Pepper Onyx Red
The contrast between the diminutive black foliage and tons of shiny red fruits is striking and makes a bold statement.
Okra Candle Fire
No torch will hold a candle to this new Okra bred for both edible & ornamental beauty.
Pepper Mad Hatter
Feeling a bit “mad” this Halloween? Try these exotic peppers for vigorous plants, high yields and great taste.
Geranium Calliope® Medium Dark Red
Unmatched with its outstanding deep (blood) red velvety flower color and great branching habit.
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit
Catch the “spirit” of this first-year flowering Echinacea which blooms in multitudes of stunning colors.
Flaming Flare
Send up a flare and let everyone know that these Fresno peppers are ideal for using fresh or in chili sauce.