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Eleven new AAS Winners for 2018 Garden Season!

Eleven New AAS Winners!
After being trialed by our volunteer judges in more than 30 locations all over North America, the following new AAS Winners have been proven performers, perfect for your 2018 garden!

This group of additional AAS Winners for the 2018 garden season are:
(Click on each link for additional information and photos)

Previously announced 2018 AAS Winners from July are also featured on the AAS website and are readily available for purchase:
Winner seed are available for purchase immediately. Retailers and consumers will find these AAS Winners in plant and seed form this spring as supply becomes available. Each AAS Winner will be marketed through an extensive Social Media and public relations campaign.
  • A list of AAS trial judges can be found here.
  • A list of all current AAS Display gardens can be found here.
  • Making presentations? PowerPoints are available on SlideShare or on the AAS website.
  • Bench cards and variety markers can be downloaded from the AAS website.
Something New on the AAS website:
Judge’s Observations
Want to know exactly what our Judges thought of these new varieties as they were trialing them? Click here to see the new “Judge’s Observations” box on each of the newest AAS Winners. (It’s the sixth green box below the photo.) Our judges are professional horticulturists so their observations about these entries-turned-winners are important! So, we are taking six (give or take) of the most helpful and positive comments from the scoresheets and posting them in this box.

BY THE WAY…the “Reviews” tab on each AAS Winner for anyone to add a comment about their experience with that Winner in your own garden. You too can put comments on that Reviews tab. Maybe we can make this the Yelp of AAS Winners!

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